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Pets: The Dog Days of Summer

Cool dogs and Hot days

These hot days of summer have been called the 'dog days,' so we figured what could be better than to hit the streets of Beaufort Town and Morehead City and ask our friends, neighbors, townspeople and visitors the question of  "what has your dog taught you?" Along the way, we hoped to make the acquaintance of some special dogs and indeed, this proved the case.

Louis Armstrong, Jack Russell Terrier

The best Jack Russell...ever

“What have I learned from Louie?  He's taught me to follow him wherever he wants to go. I've had him seven and half years. Louie's quite a musical dog.  His mother's name was Billie Holiday. Patti Page was the name of his grandmother. You might have heard of his brother — Nat King Cole?"

“Louie's a local.  He was conceived in Beaufort — I arranged the marriage — but born in Troy, North Carolina. He's such a good pup. The best Jack Russell Terrier there is. And he's a great crab-chasing dog."

— David R. of Beaufort and Chapel Hill, NC

Martha, daughter and Lola, mother, two Standard Poodles

Martha & Lola, Standard Poodles

“What my dogs taught me is that going for a walk always makes you feel better.”

"I learned that trauma when you're young stays with you.  Before we got her, Lola must have been locked in a bathroom as a young puppy. That's often done with litters. Eight years later, she still won't go into a room with shiny floors and only one exit. She wouldn't even walk on a shiny floor for a long time. That's gotten better.”

“Martha and Lola have also taught me that if you're beautiful, you get more attention. We had mutts when we first got married, and no one ever stopped to pet or praise them. Strange how we look at the world: things that are beautiful get more attention than the ordinary. I've also found out that while the beauty might attract someone, it's the brains that keep you around. Our breed, the Standard Poodle, is a very smart one.”

— Cheryl K., Morehead City, NC


Corky, the Corgie mix

Corky's a hot dog of summer

“I'm walking Corky for my grandmother,” said grand-daughter Emily. “He's her dog. What I've learned from Corky is that he's short, but that doesn't stop him from doing anything.  He's a big dog in a little dog's body. He's the sweetest dog ever. My grandmother got him from the animal shelter.”

—Emily, Beaufort, NC

Chrissie, the Sheltie blend

She likes to herd

“Chrissie's taught me tolerance and acceptance. She's a pound puppy who came with her challenges. She was definitely an abused dog. She's afraid of men. I used to have Labs who loved everyone.”

“Now I've learned that different breeds of dogs have distinct personalities. Once we were over on Carrot Island and she went tearing off after the horses. I was afraid she'd get trampled or kicked. But no; she got the horses all lined up in a neat row and was herding them down the beach. She's a Sheltie mix. Her loyalty is amazing. She's very sharp and tuned-in to me. Sometimes she tries to talk.”

—Dizy B. of Beaufort, NC and Costa Rica

Maggie, the wise elder terrier

Maggie at 15

“Maggie's taught me about adaptability. She's been through a lot and lived in many places. Once she was in quarantine for six months when we moved back to the U.K. She's lived with us in California, and on a horse farm in Middletown, NY. Maggie's  lived on our boat with us, too. She's become a celebrity wherever she goes. She's fifteen now. Hard of hearing, but her sight's still real good. What kind of dog is she? We figure part Wheaten Terrier with some Shepherd.”

— Jon G. of Beaufort, NC

Beethoven, the big-hearted, long-haired Chihuahua

Beethoven orders a cold one at the Back Street

“This is Beethoven. What he's taught me is to relax. He takes a lot of the every day pressure off me.  He sleeps with me, and I used to take him on jobs. Loves to ride. My son named him — he was studying piano at the time.”

“He's a long-haired chihuahua.  He was born in Greenville, NC. Out of a litter of five, three were long-haired and two were short-haired.  He's my buddy, goes with me everywhere I go.  Whenever he hears kids he heads right for them.  Wants to play with 'em.  A very gentle dog.”

— Eddie L. , Beaufort, NC

Willowby and Royce,  happy mini-poodles

Willowby & Royce, two beloved Mini-Poodles

“These two are a lot like our kids.  They're interesting in how they relate to one another.  They compete for attention. Sometimes they're jealous of one another, though you can tell they care for each other.”

“They need massive amounts of attention and if you give it to them they give back a massive amount of love, too. They went on a speed boat ride today.  One was scared.  The other one loved it. They're scheduled to get groomed when we get home.”

— Susan and Jim B., Buies Creek, NC

It was great meeting these friendly dogs. I learned something from each of them.  And from the people who accompanied them.  My biggest lesson?  Most of all, I found out that dogs mean love...

..and I learned you're never a stranger when you're in the company of a dog

About the author...

Patricia Frank loves dogs...and small towns. She's also the editor and publisher of Vibrant Village.  Whenever she can, she likes to visit with people she meets. In future Vibrant Village issues, she'll be asking more questions and publishing more answers from people in our community.

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