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Thinking of contributing a story? Here are our guidelines and FAQ's (frequently asked questions).

Contributor's Guidelines

We're happy to review your original unpublished or previously published work (as long as you, as author, own reprint rights). Your original work only, please. No material copyrighted by others.

Submissions are invited from talented new writers and photographers as well as seasoned professionals. At this time, there's no budget to pay for contributions.  We will be happy to provide a link to your email address if you like.

All submissions should reflect a positive aspect of life in a small town, innovations taking place, people contributing to positive change, success and 'how-to' stories

If your submission is accepted for publication, please be willing to be edited for length, grammar or clarity. If this isn't agreeable, please don't submit.

Give us several weeks to review your work. We work by email, and ask that you do, too. For those who don't own computers, most public libraries provide free access.


Send your submission as a Word doc to editor@vibrantvillage.com. Please caption your submission, in the subject line, with the appropriate category. Example: a submission to Village Tales would read Village Tales Submission in the subject line.

Submissions accepted for publication can include (if desired by the author) a head shot photo of the author (sent in digital format as a jpg), a short bio (60 words max) and a link to author's email address, if desired.

Anonymous submissions are not considered. Please include your name, address, phone number and email address with each submission. These are for our use only, your privacy will be protected. Only your name and city will be published.

By submitting your story for consideration, you acknowledge and agree to the Vibrant Village Terms of Use Agreement. Under the Terms of Use, you are granting us a world-wide non-expiring license to publish your material(including--but not limited to--text and photos). Please review the Terms of Use found in the About Us drop down menu..

Vibrant Village categories that invite freelance submissions:

Village Tales

1,200 words max. Your observations, both serious and humorous, covering some aspect of village life. Here's your chance to be a storyteller, weaving tales about your village, heritage and lives lived there.

Vibrant People

1,200 words max. Who's influenced your life? A parent, a relative, a friend, an educator, a mentor, a librarian, a town character? How have they shaped your life or moved you? Salute them here.

Favorite Hang-outs

850 words max. Where's your favorite village 'hang-out'? Is it a café, diner, coffee shop, library, park, pub, bike or hiking path, community center, restaurant, campus, dog park, art gallery, book store, a small town theater or movie house, a music venue...or? Tell us about it. What makes it vibrant? How does it add to your village life?

Village Snapshots

350 words maximum. Is your town a Vibrant Village? If you think it is, send us a short portrait of your town (no more than 350 words) telling us just what makes your town vibrant. Include one-three photos (with captions) to illustrate your Village Snapshot.

Gimme Shelter

100-1,000 words. Do you live in an unusual home or sustainable development—a yurt, a school bus, built-by-hand, a tiny cottage, a corn cob, straw bale home, new urbanism, or a green-energy home? Or? Tell us your views on traditional housing or creative shelter. Photos, if you have them.

Thrifty Village

100-1,000 words. Is your town affordable? Do you live a thrifty lifestyle? What are you doing to save money on your housing, food, utilities, transportation, clothes, kids, entertainment, communications, and pets? Lists are fine.

Working Village

100-1,000 words. What jobs and vocations are most needed in Vibrant Villages? Lists are fine. Tell us about your livelihood—have you switched careers to live in your village? What are the future jobs in small towns?


1,200 words max. Community explores sharing, making a difference and coming together in friendship, support and as a small town. Do you have examples of how this has happened in your town? Specific events?

Poetry Corner

One page poems. Serious or humorous topics are welcomed. Make our readers think, laugh or reflect. If you have a photo to illustrate your poem's topic, please include it as a jpg.


1,200 words max. Personal essays from your wondering/wandering mind. What questions do you ask yourself, what conclusions have you come to about life? What makes you happy or sad, excited, encouraged? Lessons learned, recent 'aha' moments?

Home-grown Heroes

1,200 words max. Does your town boast someone special who's shaped or changed the town in a measurable and positive way? Who are they, what have they done, how did they do it?

Affirming Aging

What have you discovered about this time of your life?  What are the positive aspects, the adventures, and the way of living that works best for you? Have you found a congenial community?  Share your thoughts with us.

Photo essays

4 photos max. Take us on a tour of your Vibrant Village through your digital photos. Captions and a bit of text will help us know what we're viewing. Main Streets, festivals, the quaint and unusual, pretty places, people, outdoor activities.

Pet Stories

250-1,200 words, humorous or serious, about your animal friends—be it dog, cat, bird, horse, donkey, mule, goat, or other. How have they enriched your life—or changed it? Is there a town animal that's especially memorable? One that greets the school bus or an animal that's done something heroic or humorous?

My Hometown

1,200 words max. A nostalgic look-back at your former hometown or an admiring portrait of your current hometown.  What do you love?  What do you miss?

Village News

100-1,000 words. What's going on in your town? Has it done something innovative, something you're proud of? How did this come to be? Has a new business or a favorite place come into existence? Let us know. Send us a press release or a brief story about accomplishments that have worked to make your town more enjoyable and vital.

My digital life

1,000 words max. How do I balance my digital life versus my actual life?  Facebook versus face-to-face: a challenge? Putting my avatar into its place.


2,500 words max.  Short stories, futuristic fiction, adventure, noir, romance, mystery, flights of fancy, O'Henry surprises, what have you? Please no x-rated or violent material.

Thanks for thinking of us.  We're looking forward to your submission.