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Eating Your Way to Health and Happiness (0)

January 31, 2014 • Category: Features

Yep, we ate the muffins and now sport the muffin top, ate the stuffing and now are stuffed into our jeans. Maybe you, too, have the made The New Year’s resolution to eat better, drop the new poundage…and take control before the muffin top controls you.

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Memories of a Creative Upbringing (0)

I am grateful to my mom for encouraging my creative spirit. She wouldn’t complain if we made a mess in the name of art or cooking or building a fort. We would clean up after, but didn’t have to worry about it during the process. Getting messy still helps me generate new ideas.


What? June Already? (0)

Folks can sense – a contagion of spring
Touched with anticipation – of bells to ring

Coming Home»

Coming Home: Lessons Written in Glass (0)

In his hands, the glass was magic—a thing of beauty, with characteristics as unique as a diamond. Like tarot cards, Mr. Wetherington read the glass.

Cooking: Chef Tom»

Fire and Knife (0)

How would you like one simple tool that delivers easier cooking and healthier nutrition? It’s almost a magic wand for cooks.


The Growing of the Green: Money Smarts for Women (0)

Time for us to get healed in all the old places. Come along as Annette leads us along the path to money enlightenment. Financial blues turn into financial green.

Gardens: The Constance Gardener»

Garden: Summer’s End Garden (0)

“Nature’s not about sanitation; it’s about balance.” I love his thought. He goes on to say that our attempted “control” of nature throws fragile systems completely out of whack.

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How Lake Placid Saved Itself (0)

One problem attractive small towns face is their very attractiveness. What draws visitors and new citizens and makes for community pride often interests developers wanting to develop.

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Simply Friends (0)

I feel like I am learning to see the world “new” watching through Colton’s eyes.

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Book review: Taking Root in Provence (0)

by Anne-Marie Simons Distinction Press, Waitsfield Vermont, publisher Travel books, books about moving overseas, books that examine the culture of a country and its people (how unique we all are!), and books about delectable cuisines and cooking all tickle my fancy.  So it was fated that I’d love Taking Root in Provence—a single book that […]

Our Natural World»

Nature: What the heck is a “Merkle Blade?” (0)

He cast his eye about the place, and offered the opinion that it took a strange person to want to live “in a swamp”.

Pet Stories»

Pets: What Kind of Dog Is That? (0)

… when I put on my hiking boots, he’s very attentive. Then he’s doggy-on-the-spot. Couldn’t be more helpful. Eager. Carries my car keys. Starts the ignition. Drives way too fast. Honks at cats.


Poem: A Whole New Year-2011 (0)

To face the new year – with a renewal of our spirit
What we cannot impact – try then to not hear it


Reflections: The Zoom of Time (0)

gadgets, gadgets, gadgets. But the message is always the same:

“Love you.”

Slice of Life by Les»

Wabi-Sabi: Inconspicuous Art and Living (0)

I just read one small book that allowed me to finally be comfortable with a lifetime of a gnawing need to create and a dissatisfaction with much of my culture.

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Snapshot: The Secret Village of El Olivar, Spain (0)

Snapshot of El Olivar  (EL OH-LI-Var) by Marcia Hay When you drive about an hour northeast of Madrid, Spain, and then through olive groves and farming fields, there is what appears to be the quaint farming village of El Olivar. However, if approached from the south, the village appears as a typical hill town perched […]

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Old Enough for Catcher in the Rye (2)

If a pollster or market researcher were to solicit my opinion of the greatest invention in human history, I would answer “the library.”

Village Think Tank»

New Urbanism Revitalizes Main Street (2)

Our cherished places can go away. Main Streets, for instance. But Orrin Thiessen’s proving how New Urbanism design can bring them back.

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Beaufort, North Carolina (4)

Maybe it’s the spice of the lusty pirates who hid out in these waters, or maybe it’s the current crop of wide-ranging buccaneers who moor their yachts here while passage-making on the Intracoastal Waterway (ICW) who deliver the flavor. A port city’s always a bit saucy.