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Eating Your Way to Health and Happiness(1)

January 31, 2014

Yep, we ate the muffins and now sport the muffin top, ate the stuffing and now are stuffed into our jeans. Maybe you, too, have the made The New Year’s resolution to eat better, drop the new poundage…and take control before the muffin top controls you.

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UN-SOCIAL MEDIA: Pulling the Electronic Plug

Have we become an Un-social Nation—the Distracted Nation? Do smart phones, texts, e-mails, Facebook and other “social media” harm—or help—our human relationships?

Pets: The Dog Days of Summer

Hot summer days have been called the ‘dog days,’ so we figured what could be better than to hit the streets of Beaufort Town and Morehead City and ask our friends, neighbors, townspeople and visitors the question of “what has your dog taught you?”

My Friendship Garden: Woven with Love

This plant carried soil, water and nurturing from places all over this state to finally arrive at our home in western North Carolina.

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